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आओ चले वैदिक सनातन धर्म की ओर

If you want to protect and spread Indian knowledge, science and culture, then become a volunteer.


Donate for the construction of Gur Grah Seva Dham and other public welfare services and contribute to save our ancient culture and civilization.


Our civilization is the oldest civilization in the world. But now she is getting lost. Let's make an effort together to save it.

Let's build Yogeshwar Shri Krishna temple on Braj land.

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Our work

Today, we have infused a new energy in the society by going to different cities and towns of India and spreading Sanatan culture, rites and science.

Our goals in the future

  • Providing pure, hygienic and nutritious food for life
  • To create an environment which is completely pollution free and peaceful for a healthy, happy and stress free life.
  • To provide practical and business education for better life and employment.

Hitendra Krishn Ji Maharaj

Pujya Maharaj Ji is spreading the divine traditions of Sanatan Dharma and Vedic science along with Harinam Sankirtana in the whole world through Shri Hari Katha, Satsang, Bhajan and various Yatras.

Let us know in detail about Maharaj Shree

Happy People

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Inspirational Thoughts

Before doing any work, a person thinks and then takes advice from different people. Which every person should do so that we can do something good in our life, do the work we are doing in a better way so that we do not face any problem in future, we have shared some such Motivational Thoughts for you in this post. Which will provide you a good inspiration.

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Join Sanaatan Dharam

‘Sometimes in the name of colour, sometimes in the name of caste and sometimes in the name of religion, we are fighting among ourselves.
External invaders took advantage of this and created a policy of “divide and rule” and today many greedy people of money and position are trying to break India once again by using this policy again.
Now the time has come to give a befitting reply to all those looters of position, power and wealth.

Come ! Now let us all forget the differences of caste, religion and varna and unite so that no robber can rob us again.

Let us all have the same slogan.
Our religion is eternal.

You Mr. should also be a part of “Hum Hain Sanatani” campaign and play an important role in making India a world leader again and building a new India.

Do you know ?

The glory of charity

What is the biggest donation ?

  • Culture

    Today all the people are adopting western culture by forgetting their sanskars and culture. That's why we are working for the promotion of Indian Sanatani Sanskars.

  • Vedic Science

    Today most of the Indians forgetting their eternal Vedic science and are moving towards modern science. We are working for the promotion and protection of our Indian Vedic Science.

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frequently Asked question :-

What can we do to help you?

Do I have to pay any money to become a volunteer?

No There is no need to pay any kind of money to become a volunteer.

How can we connect with Guru Grah Seva Dham ?

You can become a member of Seva Dham by providing your information on the membership letter of Guru Grah Seva Dham.

Why should we donate?

In the country, in which society, the religion in which we live our life, it is our duty to give some part of money for the upliftment of the culture, tradition, religion and society of that country.

Happy People

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