Guru Grah Seva Dham


Shri Hitendra Krishna Ji Maharaj

Bharat Bhoomi has been a great land of saints. Many such saints, rishis and gurus have been born in it. Who has dedicated his entire life in showing the world the path of knowledge, devotion and salvation. Similarly, the Vedic, spiritual voices are the melodious carriers of the wonderful Vyasa tradition of the glorious Vyasa tradition, "Param Rasik Reverend Shri Hitendra Krishna Maharaj Ji. Pujya Maharaj Ji is spreading the divine traditions of Sanatan Dharma and Vedic science along with Harinam Sankirtana in the whole world through Shri Hari Katha, Satsang, Bhajan and various Yatras. Let us know in detail about Maharaj Shree -

|| Birth ||

Shri Hitendra Krishna Maharaj ji was born on Friday, on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month in Pushya Nakshatra, Harshana Yoga, dusk in Vikram Samvat 2052 (30 June 1995) in such a small village Ramgarh.
In Brahmapuri Ramgarh, adorned with such holy Vaishnava devotees, you were born in the family of a saint who, with the intensity of his penance, used to walk on the water of the river as if walking on the ground,
And the great-grandfather of Maharaj Ji, Mr. Murari Lal Maraiya, a resident of Baikunth.
Maa Dhuni Wali was an ardent devotee of Kaila Maiya (Durga Maa), and used to remove the sufferings of devotees who came from all over with the blessings of the mother.

Maharaj ji’s revered grandfather whose special affection and love Maharaj ji enjoys even today.
Such Shri Banwari Lal Maraiya ji is the supreme Vaishnava devotee who performs Trikal Sandhya. Sitting in his lap, Maharaj ji listened to the scriptures like Ramayana, Bhagwat etc. from childhood.
As a result of the devotion of all these saint devotees, Shri Ramnivas Sharma Ji and Shrimati Sharda Sharma Ji (parents of Maharaj Ji) got a divine Vaishnava devotee in the form of a son Ratna.

|| Miracle in infancy ||

Just as our beloved Braj’s Thakur Shri Krishna killed many demons in his childhood.
We get to see glimpses of something like this in the infancy of Shri Hitendra Krishna Maharaj Ji.
When Maharaj ji was a small child of only 6 days.
At that time, an invisible evil force wanted to harm them, during the night time Maharaj Ji’s grandmother saw that a black shadow is coming out of Sutika Griha in the form of a woman,
Seeing this, when she reached inside, she saw that the whole body of the child had turned blue,
Then Mother Dhuni Wali appeared and protected them and gave them a divine effulgence.

Nickname – Som Sharma, Radha Mohan

Your infancy was adorned by this noun “Soma”.
And in childhood everyone used to call you by this name.
The name “Radha Mohan” is kept by your grandfather and only he calls you Radha Mohan.
Making his parents happy with his child sports, he continued to spend his infancy and attained the same growth as Pratipachchandra.
It was reflected from the versatility and brilliance of the newly born baby that this baby is not normal but with special symptoms.
Whoever saw this child, he used to say that this child will definitely not be limited to the family but will one day attain an important position.

It is also special that the result of accumulation of merit after birth after birth is received by those virtuous couple in whose house such children are born. The playful Ballilabhirat Soma gradually attained childhood from infancy.

|| Miracle in childhood ||

One day in childhood, Maharaj ji was sitting in a room alone and singing hymns on the harmonium,
While singing the hymns, he realized that his rome had blossomed.
And a divine light is spread all around. And in that light Radha Rani is sitting in front of him, and holding the hand of Shri Krishna Maharaj ji is playing harmonium.

|| Prediction ||

Once a great scholar came to Brahmapuri Ramgarh
Maharaj Shree’s revered grandfather invited him to his house and prayed for naming the child.
When the house calculation of astrology was done and he saw the child, he was astonished, then the divine bright-wisher brahmin, completely mesmerized by the supernatural features of Alpayu Soma, made a prediction,
“He will surprise people all over the world as a great enlightened person in the near future” and will hoist the flag in the field of Bhakti, Gyan, Science and Spirituality all over the world.

|| Education ||

With his parents at the age of 10 to acquire modern knowledge
Galav Rishi’s Tapobhoomi and Sangeet Samrat Tansen’s sadhana place came to Gwalior.
And completed his education till 12th (Mathematics) as per the order of his parents.
Maharaj Shree has been surprising everyone with his talent since childhood. Since childhood, along with devotional knowledge, there was also the knowledge of painting, sculpture, cooking, singing, vadan, adornment, horticulture, scripture, mantra learning etc., as well as to correct modern equipment.
And the surprising thing is that all these disciplines were never formally trained anywhere.
Therefore, to give direction to all these talents, his parents advised him to become a scientist.
So that we can serve mankind by making new inventions for the welfare of the whole world.
But destiny had something else in mind.

|| Initiation ||

The sacrificial ceremony of Maharaj Shri was performed by the famous grammarian Shri Damodar Shastri ji (Dhanela Vale).
And along with the initiation of Gayatri Mantra, he provided the divine knowledge of Bhagwat Katha in a very short time.
And as a result of exclusive devotion to Shri Krishna, he chose the path of propagation of Bhagwat Dharma and his culture.
And in the holy land of Shridham Vrindavan, the unique Nripati Swami Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj who is himself an incarnation of Lalita Sakhi.
And the one who manifested the beloved Thakur of Braj ‘Shri Banke Bihari Lal’ in such a divine tradition, sitting in a tatiya place.
Received initiation from ‘Pujya Gurudev 108 Shri Radha Vihari Das Ji Maharaj’ to the Hari Naam Mantra.

|| Narrative style ||

In a short time as a result of the exclusive love and blessings of Shri Gurudev
After contemplating the entire Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, he started giving it the taste of Shrimad Bhagwat to the lovers of God through his melodious voice.
The story of Maharaj Shree Sally is so wonderful and supernatural that it is not possible to describe it.
Many times in stories and satsangos, Maharaj Shree has been seen shedding tears from his eyes, engrossed in the love of God.
At the time when Maharaj ji makes Katha Raspan, it seems as if the Bhagwat Leela is being manifested in front of our eyes.

Maharaj ji not only propagates the story but also carries it out in his life.
He enthralls the audience with his divine description of the best “Hari Leela”.
He has enthralled thousands of people across the world with his energetic discourses of Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha.
His unique poetic style has enthused the listeners to take interest in the spiritual realm.

|| Youth consciousness ||

Shri Hitendra Krishna Maharaj Ji organizes seminars on the last day of the story to enlighten the youth and to awaken the consciousness of protecting their religion and culture.
In which all the curiosities and questions of the youth are resolved,

In which Maharaj Ji introduces the youth to the golden culture and history of our country.
Maharaj ji explains how…
Our ancestors gave us a well educated, prosperous, developed, golden and a united India.
In which there was no place for today’s dire problems like unemployment, hunger, illiteracy.

But we thought it appropriate to use our covetous, greedy, inert intellect only to become greedy for power.
For which we have forgotten our religion, culture, rites, civilization, Vedas, Vedanta, Puranas, Upanishads and put ourselves only in the false race of modernity.

As a result of which we have got physical slavery first and then lifelong mental slavery, and a slave does not have the right to raise his voice to save his civilization, culture.
Maharaj ji clears our thoughts and opens the eyes of knowledge
And teach us to be proud of being Indian by liberating us from mental slavery

Through his seminar, Maharaj Ji explains to us the difference between false modernity and eternal Sanatan Dharma and tells how our entire Sanatan Dharma is based on science.

Maharaj ji says that today to save the world
We have to save the culture of India and the culture will survive only when we bring the youth together because the future of any country is its youth power.
And we should be proud that our youth power is curious, just need to explain our culture to them from the point of view of science.

Guru Griha Seva Dham, is being built by Maharaj ji to give direction to the youth of their life and to make them understand the science of Sanatan Dharma.

‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ will be such a place where, beyond modernity, the unique confluence of ancient science and culture, along with natural beauty, lush green trees, beautiful creepers, melodious voice of birds, Yamuna ji’s tomorrow- Tomorrow there is a beautiful sound, the same holy and sacred Brij Raj in which our Thakur Banke Bihari performed his childhood.

The same ancient divine Vrindavan will be lowered in ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’. In which Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh also have the desire to settle down.

Where there will be an ecstasy of joy in the mind and body as soon as you step. It will be felt as if Priya Priyatam has given us her embrace.
By coming here you will learn the art of living a blissful life free from all your worldly sorrows and worries.

In ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, there will be darshan of the same Brij, which Shri Krishna had taken an oath to never leave.

‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ will show you the ancient India which was changed by the invaders.
Whose sages were scientists. And he did many scientific research for the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma.
We will introduce you to all those research so that our young generation should not be attracted towards western culture but take pride in being an Indian.

In ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, research and dissemination will be done on the diagnosis of diseases through ancient Indian Ayurvedic method.

In ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ 64 arts of ancient India which are almost on the verge of extinction. Entire arrangements will be made for their re-research and teaching them.

India’s ancient education system in ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, on the basis of which India was once a world guru and who was a complete scientist.
And to learn which students from abroad also used to come.
Which was the richest in the whole world.
Here the same tradition will be established through Guru Griha and the knowledge that will give new direction and energy to India will be disseminated.

In ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, we will tell you every ritual related to Sanatan Dharma and the scientific reason behind it.

Why is the law of idol worship told?

Is child marriage really a crime?

Why only the donation of a girl?

What is the ancient science of temples?

Once you join ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ then your life will get a positive outlook and will learn a wonderful art of living.
In which along with earning money, there will be a happy householder and the best path to salvation.

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