Guru Grah Seva Dham

Sadhu Seva Rasoi

Sadhu Seva Rasoi Guru Grah Sevadham Vrindavan

Earning devotion from Guru service, then this mind was found As the poet has written that it is possible to meet the psyche body only by the grace of a guru, a sage. There is no such religion in the world in which salvation can be attained without the grace of sages and saints. It is necessary in all to take refuge in the representative of God before God. Only then can we know that supreme being. Who does not know Maa Shabri? Who, with his unconditional devotion, compelled the Supreme Lord to bring him to his door. And this priceless gem of devotion was received by him only through sage service. Similarly, the god sage Narada, who was born in an ordinary family, but after getting the service of the saints and getting their cold prasad, made his devotion so great that in the next life Brahma himself made him his son and Shri Hari Narayan expressed his exclusive love and devotion. Bhakti was given to them. Kabir himself says that – Balihari Guru, you have told Govind Diyo. Because Govind blesses us only when the exclusive grace of gurus, sages and saints is on us. The sages and saints have adopted the religion of sanyasa leaving their home and family for our welfare. These saints convert devotion into the ultimate form of positivity. And his Bhakti Yoga creates such a powerful energy that counteracts the negative effects of this age. The growing age of these saints affects their poor health, their daily life mobility and their ability to do spiritual practice, this is the time when they need physical support the most. By engaging in any kind of service to these saints, we can support a powerful spiritual lifestyle that benefits the whole world. Even if we cannot devote much of our time to spirituality, we can still be a part of His great gift. In this holy work being done by ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’, you can follow your life to be a true citizen in the right way and in the right sense by contributing to the sage-service by providing voluntary support amount. Goswami Tulsidas ji says that- “Binu Hari Kripa is not found Santa” Without the grace of Shrihari, we would not have got a saint. And if you are getting the opportunity to serve the saint yourself, then celebrate on your good fortune that Hari wants to serve you through the service of the saint. Because if anyone is closest to his heart, then he is a saint. Serving saints is not the work of any sinner. Because when you make a resolution to do service in your mind, then the sins of your destiny will try as much as possible to stop you from doing the work of service and this is the time to test the devotee. If you pass this test, then no one can stop you from attaining the Supreme. Just need to take a step towards service……! So let’s follow this religion of service. Use money in sage service.

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