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Ashtayam Seva

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Ashtayaam Sewa is an integral part of Hit Upasana. Ashtayaam refers to the different activities ( sewa) undertaken by the Sahcharis during the day. The Sahcharis live by the principle of “Tatsukh Bhav” (तत्सुख भाव) and their every action is guided by the desire to provide happiness, love and comfort to the Jugal Jodi (जुगल जोड़ी). The day is divided into 8 parts (8 प्रहर) of 3 hours each thus completing 24 hours. The RadhaVallabh Sampradaya Ashtayaam comprises of 7 Bhogs (offering various delicacies) and 5 Aartis in the day. Ashtayaam Schedule: Mangla (Sunrise/Dawn) – Early morning activities, such as waking up Shri PriyaPriyatam, offering them some delicacies and doing their aarti. Van Vihar (Walk in the forests of Vrindavan) – Shri PriyaPriyatam slowly meander through the woods admiring the beauty of the liana (लतायें ) and listening to the chirping birds. Sometimes LadliLal sing softly providing great joy to the Sahchari. Shringaar (Bathing & Ornamentation) – The Sahcharis bathe LadliLal with the utmost care, using beautiful scented water. They then dress them and adorn them with freshly made garlands and ornaments and they do Aarti. Rajbhog (Lunch) – Shri PriyaPriyatam are seated and offered a wide variety of delicacies prepared by the Sahcharis. This bhog is as per the season and made with perfection. PriyaPriyatam are pampered and generously fed by their loving Sakhis and after that they have a siesta. Utthapan (Late Afternoon) – Shri LadliLal are gently woken up by the Sahcharis and offered some light refreshments. Post which the Sahcharis organize some fun playful activities for them. Dhoop Aarti – The Sahcharis again perform Dhoop and Aarti of Shri PriyaPriyatam. Sandhya Lila (Evening Pastimes) – Shri LadliLal head to the banks of Shri Yamuna Ji and as per the wishes of the Sahcharis engage in activities such as a Boat Ride or Raas. Shayan Lila (Bedtime) – The Sahcharis prepare a beautiful bed from the softest petals for PriyaLal. Some gently press their feet while others sing softly ensuring PriyaLal’s comfort. Ashtayaam Sewa is essential for spiritual aspirants as it engages the mind and body in the constant service and remembrance of Shri LadliLal.

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