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Donate to Plant Trees | Tree Plantation Drive in India

When the Creator would be adorning his earth with trees and plants, would he have thought that only one of his children, a human, would make his own mother devoid of ornaments just for his selfishness and false appearances. How can a human be so foolish, that by separating the branch of the tree on which he himself is sitting, he is inviting calamities in his life by separating the same branch from the tree. We do not have any other option for the most essential gas ‘oxygen’ for life, why this thing is not going into the human mind who is cutting trees indiscriminately and planting trees only on social media. Planted a tree and uploaded ten photos of it. Plantation done! A tree has to be served like a child, only then it will be able to give you fruits, flowers, medicine and shade. Planting a tree gives as much merit as ten virtuous sons get fame. It has been written in the scriptures that by planting a tree, one gets the virtue equal to a sacrifice. In the Padma Purana, it is even written that by planting a Peepal tree near the reservoir, a person attains virtue equal to hundreds of sacrifices. Not only this, planting a tree in Indian culture is considered like donating a hundred cows. According to the scriptures, by planting three trees each of one peepal, one banyan, ten tamarind, cath, bel, gooseberry and mango, a person will never have to go to hell, that is, he will never have to go to hell. It is described in Bhavishya Purana that planting three peepal trees gives salvation. Along with this, it is written that Laxmi is attained by applying Kadamba, Ashoka destroys grief, Jamun gives wealth, Bel-Bilva leaves gives long life, Tendu increases the family, Pomegranate Marriages are made with betel nut, siddhi is achieved by betel nut, Shami gets rid of terrible diseases, by applying rosewood, both the world and the world are improved, and by planting saffron tree, enemies are said to be destroyed. Those who plant a Palash tree are sure to get good children and sons who give happiness, but the Palash tree should not be in the boundary of the house. Of course, everyone loves greenery, but the biggest problem arises in front of us, where to plant trees? Because there is not much space in homes, and what you plant on your balcony and terrace are plants, not trees. If you also want to get happiness, fame, splendor in your life by planting trees and want to keep the environment clean and prosperous but due to space problem you are not able to plant trees. So you can get the good fortune of planting a tree in Brij Dham by donating a tree in ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’. Because the beauty of ancient Brij was from the trees. on whom Priya-Priyatam used to swing in Shravan. Maharas used to form under those trees. When our beloved Sarveshwar Shri Krishna used to go for cow feeding, he used to rest under the same lush green trees. And when Shri Krishna went to Mathura, the gopis felt themselves to be close to their beloved Krishna by clinging to the same trees. But today neither there are trees in Brij nor the beauty of that Brij. Today, when Shri Krishna would have seen this plight of Brij dear to his life, wouldn’t he be sad? As far as the eye can see, there are now big buildings, and hotels are being opened in the name of ashrams. We call ourselves a devotee of Shri Krishna, we call ourselves a lover, but is there this feeling in love and devotion that we should not suffer when we see the beloved one unhappy! Do we not rejoice in his happiness? So what is our devotion? What kind of love is there in which our lover, our God is sad, but we have nothing to do with his sorrow or suffering. Either we should call ourselves devotees, lovers and stop coming to Vrindavan or we should do our duty of devotion and love by making Shri Krishna’s Brij beautiful again with plantation. And ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ is ready to fully assist you in fulfilling this duty of yours. If you just need to take a step “Make your Brij and your Kanha your own by donating a tree today.”

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