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Giver of Devotion, Knowledge, Science

'Guru Grah Seva Dham' will be a place where there will be a unique amalgamation of natural beauty, lush green trees, beautiful creepers, melodious sound of birds, waterfalls etc. along with ancient science and culture, beyond modernity. Making a beautiful sound around that very holy Braj, in which our child Krishna performed his child pastimes and started the work of protecting Dharma. The same ancient divine Vrindavan will be lowered into 'Guru Grah Seva Dham'. In which even great gods wish to reside. Where there will be joy in the body and mind as soon as you step. It will seem as if Priya Priyatam has given us her embrace. By coming here you will learn the art of living a blissful life free from all your worldly sorrows and worries. 'Guru Grah Seva Dham' will show you the ancient India which was ruined by the invaders. The same ancient India whose sages were scientists. And he did many scientific researches for the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma. We will introduce you to all those research so that our young generation is not attracted towards western culture but feels proud to be Indian. So let us all build a Guru Grah together.

Our Objectives and Resolutions

  • In ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’, research and dissemination will be done on the diagnosis of diseases through ancient Indian Ayurvedic method.
  • In ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’ 64 arts of ancient India which are almost on the verge of extinction. Entire arrangements will be made for their re-research and teaching them.
  • India’s ancient education system in ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’, on the basis of which India was once a world guru and who was a complete scientist. And to learn which students from abroad also used to come. Which was the richest in the whole world. Here the same tradition will be established through Guru Griha and the knowledge that will give new direction and energy to India will be disseminated.
  • In ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’, we will tell you every ritual related to Sanatan Dharma and the scientific reason behind it.

If you once joined ‘Guru Grah Seva Dham’ then your life will get a positive outlook and will learn a wonderful art of living. In which along with earning real money, there will be a happy householder and the best path to salvation.

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