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Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

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In our Sanatan Dharma, there is a provision for daily Panch Yagya for the householder. In which the first bread should be fed to the cow, it is known to all, let us know that by doing some other service, the Panch Yagya is completed.

Dog – By feeding bread and biscuits to the dogs, you should do Panchayagya through service to the animals.

Monkey – You can take advantage of life service by providing gram and fruits, the most favorite thing of monkeys.

Fish – It is a matter of good fortune for you that Yamuna Maharani resides in Vrindavan and you can complete your Panch Yagya by feeding flour pills to the fishes living in her shelter.

Bird– It is also mentioned in the scriptures that the enemy cannot harm us by feeding the birds. Planetary defects are eliminated, mental peace is attained.
You can feed wheat, millet, moong, jowar to pigeons, rice, bird, crow, peacock and other birds.

By feeding millet, biscuits and roti to squirrels, one gets freedom from every difficulty in life.

Ant – By feeding ants with flour, panjiri, sugar, along with mental peace, your beauty will increase and there are chances of getting old property.

Other Endangered Organisms- In Guru Graha Seva Dham, we are trying to save such creatures by serving them which are on the verge of extinction. and are listed as endangered species on the IUCN list.
In the study of Biodiversity Research and Development Society, an organization that studies and conserves biodiversity, it has been found that more than 250 species of migratory and residential birds are seen in Mathura district. In which rare species included in the endangered list are also included.

These mainly include cotton pygmy goose, gadwal, gargin, green-billed teal, ferruginous duck, tufted duck, common pochard, Kentish plover, Eurasian curlew, black-tailed godwit, booted eagle, Eurasian kestrel, pyrigine falcon, brown shrike, , Cinereous Tit, Booted Barbler, Muschhead Barbler, Blyth Reed Babbler, Clemarus Reed Barbler, Common Chiffchaf, European Stirling, Rosie Stirling, Taminic Stint, Little Stint, Greater Flamingo, White Capped Bunting, Tricolor Munia, Small-tailed Lepwing, White Tailed Penticole, Jungle Wush Quail, Rudy Shielded Duck, Domicile Crane, Red Crusted Pochard, Rupus Fronted Prinia, Chestnut Munia Rare species of migratory birds are being seen in Mathura.

Let’s fulfill our responsibility towards our society and religion by saving them together with Gurugriha Seva Dham.

Every living being in the universe is born by the will of God, by assuming all incarnations from Matsya to Buddhist, God has also confirmed that I have a part in all.
But today man for his selfishness has given the first child as a part of God and the real and first heirs of the earth,
Expelled from their own homes, a concrete jungle has been spread all over the earth. But those silent creatures never objected to the suzerainty of human beings.

But the human did not stop even here, then he started hunting for those innocent creatures for his entertainment. And now he crossed all the limits of humanity and started feeding those helpless creatures with explosive substances.
Why are we torturing them so much?
God has just given us a signal through the Corona epidemic that get up!

If he himself took the command of the protection of his first child in his own hands, then the human would have to be ready again to face a situation even worse than Corona.

So now we have time to recover from repentance! And start life service.

I am the temple
the idol is mine too
I am the world
The power is mine too.

then why me
ashamed of my own creation
I am no longer human
Nor am I alive in humanity.

By joining ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, you can take advantage of the virtuous service of all the animals and birds of Brij. In which food and water are to be provided to monkeys, peacocks, parrots, sparrows, pigeons, dogs and all other helpless animals and birds.

You can serve those creatures of Brij by providing the amount of cooperation according to your ability, which are extraordinary because it is not in everyone’s luck to get Brij-vassal. Every living being living here is a very ascetic sage-muni because only one can come and live here on whom Radha Rani is pleased.

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