Guru Grah Seva Dham

Our Vision And Mission

|| Guru Grah Sevadham Vision & Mission ||

To acquaint the Indian young generation with the rich history of ancient India through seminars and discourses in the country and abroad, to awaken the consciousness of patriotism. To break the orthodox myth prevailing among the people regarding Sanatan Dharma by explaining the hidden science in the religious activities described in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. To save people from the ill effects of allopathic on the body by promoting Ayurveda by treating people with the ancient Ayurvedic system of India. To revive the Gurukul education system of ancient India through Vedic Gurukulam and through research on religious texts, to impart practical and business education to boys and girls for better life and employment. To develop the ozone layer, which is depleting due to environmental pollution, through yagya and tree plantation. To give Vrindavan its pristine appearance and beauty through Clean Vrindavan and Green Vrindavan Project. To save cow wealth through cow service and increase the share of people in cow rearing by making people aware of its virtues. To raise the standard of living of sadhus by serving them with huts, postic food, clothes etc. To create an environment that is completely pollution free and peaceful for a healthy, happy and stress free life. To provide pure, clean and postic food for life to all. Explaining the importance of 16 samskaras and imparting training to them. To revive, train and propagate 64 arts that have become extinct from Indian culture. To make meditation, yoga, and philosophy an integral part of the lifestyle of the people. To solve all the questions and queries of people related to religion, culture and to make people understand the difference between faith and superstition. To acquaint people with the scientific secrets hidden in the temple building art of India

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