Guru Grah Seva Dham

Vedic Ashram

Life on a Yoga Retreat Living in an Ashram in Vrindavan, India

The basis of the culture of any nation is its education center. This is the place where the future of that nation is built. One such nation builder was the ‘Vedic Gurukul’ system of our ancient India in which the child was made a complete human being. If the present and future of a nation is to be ruined, then its education system itself will have to be attacked. This is what the Britishers did, first they attacked us. But saw that the source of our energy is our ‘Gurukul’, then they snatched that source from us through convent schools and created a breed of Indians educated in the convent who would pass on to India from generation to generation, Even after the departure of the Britishers, they could keep them as slaves. “And today free India is a land of slaves.” Just think! If you had to choose between a scientist and an ordinary shopkeeper, who would you do as a teacher for your child’s education? Scientist for sure. Then why are you ruining the future of your children by handing them over to a shopkeeper. He can teach him to sell things but not to live life, not to buy happiness. The aim of the Vedic Gurukulam is to convert the same slavery into freedom.” In the Vedic Gurukulam, like the ancient Gurukul system, the study will be done sitting in the lap of nature and among the green trees and plants. Research on the scientificity of the Vedas will be conducted in the Vedic Gurukulam. Whatever works, 16 rites, rules etc. have been told in our Sanatan Dharma will be analyzed with scientific facts. Through Vedic Gurukulam, the student will learn to read by connecting modern education with ancient education. In which all languages, knowledge of computer necessary for modern life, knowledge of marketing, preparation for higher posts etc. will be made. The Vedic Gurukulam lays emphasis on holistic education with emphasis on professional, social, religious and spiritual education. In Vedic Gurukulam, along with knowledge of art, literature, scriptures and philosophy, students will also be taught practical skills and they will be prepared for different tasks. In the education system of Vedic Gurukulam, the student will be fully developed and the emphasis will be on the psychological or psychological method of teaching. Every student will be treated equally in Vedic Gurukulam irrespective of social norms. The instruction from this education system will help the student to stand firm in the tough times of life. All 64 arts will be trained in Vedic Gurukulam which are as follows- 1. Anthem 2. Playing 3. dance 4. Theatrical 5. Painting 6. Making vines 7. To make a gift of worship with rice and flowers 8. To make a flower bed, 9. Painting of teeth, clothes and organs 10.Making the Bead Flooring 11. bedding, 12. Binding of water, 13. To show strange accomplishments, 14. To make necklace-garlands etc. 15. To make ornaments of ears and top flowers, 16. making clothes and ornaments, 17. adorning with flower ornaments, 18. Making ear leaves, 19. Making aromatic things- perfume, oil etc., 20.indrajaal-magic 21. Regardless of the way to wear it, 22. The quickness of the hand, 23. The preparation of various kinds of food items, 24. To make various kinds of drinks, 25. Needlework, 26. Puppet Making – Dance, 27. Puzzle, 28. making statues etc., 29. Diplomacy, 30. Ability to teach texts. 31. To compose a drama-narrative, 32. Troubleshooting 33. Making bandages, arrows etc. 34. Making carpets etc., 35. Carpentry Workmanship, 36. Workmanship of making houses etc., 37. Examination of gems like gold, silver etc., and diamonds and emeralds etc., 38. To make gold and silver etc., 39. Identifying the color of the gems, 40. Identification of Mines, 41. Healing of Trees, 42. Knowing the method of fighting sheep, cock, quail etc., 43. Parrot- Knowledge, 58. The skill of disguising or changing clothes, 59. Gaming Sports, 60. To attract a distant person or thing, 61. Children’s Games, 62. Mantra-Vidya, 63. Victorious Vidya, 64. Method of keeping Vetal etc. under control Vaidik Gurukulam Education System is based on many purpose. The main objective here is to develop knowledge and with utmost focus on education.

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