Guru Grah Seva Dham

Gau Seva (Gaushala)

Guru Grah Sevadham Gau Seva (Gaushala)

Cow! Who has been given the status of mother in Sanatan Dharma. After all why? Because the meaning of mother is: Immense store of love! The one who dedicates her whole life, body, mind and wealth for the sake of her child. Sanatan Dharma is a religion based on a scientific method, and if the cow is said to be so superior in it, then there must be something special in it. Let’s know- Swami Dayanand Saraswati says that a cow provides food for 4,10,440 human beings in its lifetime. Scientific research has shown that no other animal has as much positive energy as a cow. Suryaketu nerve located in the spinal cord on the back of the cow keeps the environment clean by blocking harmful radiations. It is beneficial for the environment. Suryaketu Nadi, located in the backbone of the cow, is omniscient, omniscient. Suryaketu nadi produces gold when it comes in contact with the sun. This gold produced from the body of a cow is found in cow’s milk, urine and dung. This gold enters the body by drinking milk or urine and goes to the fields through cow dung. Scientists say that the cow is the only animal that takes in oxygen and gives out oxygen, whereas all living beings including humans take oxygen and release carbon dioxide. One gram dung of a native cow contains at least 300 crore bacteria. Scientific experiments have been done in Russia on Havan with cow’s ghee. In which it has been found that one tonne of oxygen is produced when one tola (10 grams) is sacrificed with cow’s ghee. Now consider that the cow mother who has devoted her whole life only in charity, we leave such an idol of such happiness, prosperity and love that the cow mother is left to die by eating garbage and polythene on the streets. ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ has taken up the task of protecting such a helpless cow mother. In our ancient India, the cow was the “backbone of the economy”. Where cow wealth was considered paramount. The more cows he has, the more rich he is. But ever since the farmers have given up on the cow, since then farming has become a loss-making deal for them. According to mythological beliefs and srutis, cows are the form of Vishnu. “The cows are all Vedamayi and the Vedas are Gaumayi.” Lord Shri Krishna got all the knowledge base from Gocharan. Lord Shiva’s favorite letter ‘Bilvapatra’ was originated from cow dung. The Rigveda has called the cow ‘Aghanya’ meaning ‘not worth killing’. Yajurveda says that cow is incomparable. In the Atharvaveda, the cow is called the home of wealth. The sound wave of one lakh bells of the temple has the same power as the cow’s cry once. If ghee is added to cow dung, the environment is purified within a kilometer radius. Benefits of cow service: The virtue that a man attains by going to pilgrimage places, by giving food to Brahmins, by fasting, penance, Mahadan and worshiping Hari, circumambulating the entire earth, reading all the Vedas and performing all the yagyas, The same virtue is attained by a wise man by feeding the cow mother with grass. There is so much power in cow service that you can get any thing you want through it. Like cow service, feeding a cow, giving water, caressing the cow’s back, getting a sick cow treated, etc. For nothing is rare. Whoever has a single cow with a calf in his house, all his sins are destroyed and he is blessed. But today it has become difficult to keep cows due to lack of space in the cities. For its solution, by joining ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, you can get the same virtue by providing support for the service of cow mother, which you would have received by keeping cow mother in your house. Lord Vishnu himself says to Devraj Indra that O Devraj! The person who always worships an unhealthy tree and a cow, the whole world including the deities, human beings are also worshiped by him. I accept the worship done by him in that form as my worship. And in ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’, you can take advantage of the service of unhealthy cow mothers by becoming eligible for this infinite grace. All the gods and goddesses, all the rivers and pilgrimages reside in the body of the cow. That is why by doing cow service one gets the fruit of serving everyone. A person who wants Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, these four Purusharthas, should serve the cow in all respects, body, mind and wealth. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna himself has inspired the society to serve the cow through his name Gopal. Let us together with ‘Guru Griha Seva Dham’ serve the cows of Brij’s beloved Shri Krishna.

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