Guru Grah Seva Dham

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॥ Sadhu Housing Service ॥

You must have often seen while circumambulating Brij that some sages and saints reside there with a veil and laying on the same path of the same circumambulation. Due to lack of money or some other reasons, they do not have proper living arrangements. And in such a situation, winter, summer, rainy season every season has an adverse effect on their body, due to which they have many health related problems. And physical pain becomes a hindrance in bhajan.

‘Guru Griha Sevadham’ is an effort to build a hut in Brij for the abode of those Bhagwat devotees, saints and saints, so that their health remains good. And no weather can become a hindrance in his hymn, whose effect will increase the positive of the Dham.

By joining with ‘Guru Griha Sevadham’, you can get the good fortune of serving sages and saints by doing the holy work of building a hut.

The Conch Shell or the 'Shankha' – Emanator of Healing

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The Conch Shell or the 'Shankha' – Emanator of Healing

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The Conch Shell or the 'Shankha' – Emanator of Healing

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